Laura + Ronny - Atlanta Contemporary Art Center Wedding

This wedding will always be so personally special. The date was September 19, 2016- the day before Couper and I would board the plane to move to Paris. You're thinking "...why would you do that...?", the answer is because there was a schedule shift for my school in Paris so we accommodated to an earlier flight. Honestly, it was so fitting- the perfect closure to that season in Georgia. Laura and Ronny's wedding was a beautiful celebration that reminded us all how the heart of life is meant to be so good and exquisite. I am posting it now in honor of this incredible couple, Ronny and Laura Hull, and an early fall wedding that will stay with me always.

Also, the processional song was the theme from Amelie. I know, I know.. 

Here's a glimpse.



The wedding was held at Atlanta Contemporary Art Center, under the exposed metal frame of what was an old warehouse. It was filled with the green, white, and neutral florals throughout the day and became more enchanting as the sun set that evening. Laura wore a simple and elegant gown; her personality fit the modern-classic style seamlessly. The bridesmaids wore black, which was a stunning contrast to the whites and neutrals, and added a deep tone to the autumn evening wedding. The florals by Bud and Bloom out of Athens, Georgia only emphasized the beauty that was unfolding everywhere. 

Laura and Ronny are artists and both of them included meaningful, creative pieces in their wedding. Laura made her bridesmaids jewelry as gifts that they wore on the wedding day. I also adore the thoughtfulness in what the bride and groom wore. Laura wore a pinecone necklace that is significant symbol for her and Ronny; this theme was also carried out in subliminal ways in the decor. Ronny wore a tie with his family’s Tartan pattern, a plaid coming from his Scottish roots. I believe it is these small yet significant things that give depth to weddings, and makes guests really experience the bride and groom's story.

...and, if you haven't seen Amelie, you need to. For me, Ronny, and Laura's sake.

The lovely vendors:

Clarks - bride's shoes
J.Crew - dress/veil and bridesmaids dresses
Olivia Patton Terrell Jewelry 
Home.Made - catering
Bud and Bloom
Song Bird Bijoux