Invitations - Debut Statement

It is my great honor to introduce these eight new wedding invitation designs- all designed with heart, a patient hand, and just a touch of wit.

I am very passionate about the wedding invitation. It is a statement piece- the first impression and reflection a guest and loved one will see about a wedding. To me it is an encompassing piece of art, intended to inform as well as excite and inspire. Timeless. Artisan. Tasteful. Enduring. Interesting. Impressive. Descriptive. These are all words that I have in my head throughout the day, words that I aim to bring into my designs.

I design with my whole heart. Two very large portions of my heart include (1.) thoughtful composition and process, and (2.) creating and living in freedom.

I have spent the last several months curating these new wedding invitation suites. I am always inspired by the design knowledge gained in my formative college education, the words of the great masters, and this beautifully creative world we live in that offers new perspective daily. What has been proven 'good design' by these influences will always be good design. These suites in particular have variety in what is seen as 'traditional' and 'modern', and progress from floral-heavy to no florals at all. Timelessness in wedding invitations is essential, regardless of the style. Even if the wedding is more  modern, a classic frame can still be upheld if done well. You could say I treated these invitations as paintings- a two dimensional surface that was turned over and returned to. They have been refined by my hand as well as by the critiques of other creatives. After the design decisions were made and these new eight stunner suites were finalized, I then set out to letterpress samples myself. I printed the letterpress invitations one-by-one, color-by-color. I managed to leave the studio every time with ink on my face after spending hours manually producing these beautiful pieces of paper. I love that feeling. I love the pride that comes with creating, finishing, and being whole-heartedly involved in every step in-between, with worn and inked hands at the end of it all.

"Living in freedom": despite sounding very whimsical, is very important to all of us. In both my personal and professional opinions, luxurious things are those things that bring happiness. Whether that is a family heirloom, a seashell souvenir from a special place and time, fresh flowers in your home, a glass of wine on a Monday, the song that will never become old because you feel the beauty of life when you hear it, or a hand-illustrated invitation for one of the most significant days in your life- all these things are, to me, worth investing in. Is it necessary? Of course not. Is it a great way to live- to invest in those things that make life truly life as it should be? Absolutely.