What is the difference between digital printing and letterpress printing?

My favorite way to explain: letterpress came first, and digital came later to make the printing process more efficient. They each serve different purposes: letterpress printing is a rarity and fine art; it takes patience and precision as each invitation or card is printed one at a time, one color at a time. Printing invitations on a letter press also takes longer because before the printing actually happens, a printing plate needs to be designed, made, shipped. Letterpress printing costs a pretty penny for the investment and patience it demands, but believe me letterpress is worth it, always leaving the crowd (and me!) in awe of it’s fine craft. Every. Time. 

Digital, like I said, came later for efficiency (for both time and cost reasons). It is the best option if you’re looking to have a lovely piece of invitation-art in your hands while keeping costs low. All watercolor designs need to be printed digitally as there is too much variation for the letterpress to handle precisely.

Timing and Wording Etiquette

Wedding invitations should be sent out no later than 6 weeks before your wedding date. We like to get all invitations to you 2 weeks prior to that so there is time to address, stuff, stamp, and take your time. This means shop designs need to be ordered at least 3 weeks before that time to allow for proofing, printing, packaging, and shipping. This is 10 weeks, but I would shoot for 12. Remember, we can’t control the mailing system! Please choose your method of shipping wisely, and be aware of your timeline.

Wording. This industry has changed so much in that last few decades- even just years- as far as wording goes. I am all about keeping it classic, even a more modern looking design can preserve its class because the wording is timeless. I highly recommend looking at what Emily Post has to say about all of your wording questions! Otherwise, yes, of course you can add your tweak and preference!


What does the Custom process look like?

Custom is considered a commission where we would discuss what you’re looking for and all you’ve been dreaming about in a design (all ideas, preferences, and references). You can be as specific or general as you'd like. Some people love to just commission us and take their ideas and turn it into beautiful paper how we see best combines your style and preferences. There are two proofing stages, that each allow for 10 business days. The pace of the process can mostly be determined on how quickly you provide ideas, wording, and review. Our clients come to us because they have seen our work and know we share the same style and can be confident in what we would create. We are very flexible in this process, love questions and discussion!

See examples of custom work here, and in the blog.


What you need to know about paper.

We offer four papers; two for letterpress and two for digital. All are variations of white.

Letterpress Paper: #110 Pearl White Crane’s Lettra (natural),  #110 Fluorescent White Crane’s Lettra (bright white!)

Digital Paper: #110 Cougar White,  #110 Cougar Natural


What you need to know about envelopes.

We offer twenty envelope options in three sizes. You can see the options and pricing here.

I highly recommend using the Cranes Lettra Envelopes with letterpress orders, unless you really want that color envelope.


Do you offer design services for additional pieces?

Yes! We can handle and custom design everything such as place cards, escort cards, a stamp, return address design and printing, information cards, save the dates, and programs. Please email us to ask about pricing and details for a special design service.


How long does it take to receive a digital proof after ordering from the shop?

If you have provided all the information in the purchase correctly, within 72 business hours!


What if I messed up on my order or want to change it?

Nothing is officially printed until you okay the digital proof. If you realize a change after you have approved, please get in touch asap! There is a chance we have already printed, and in that case it would be too late.


I would love to use a color that is not listed in the swatch chart, but i love your designs! What do I do?

Just fine! There is an additional fee of $35 per color that is not listed in the chart. I do ask that you email me with a digital version of your color. Please, please, do not just tell me a name of a color. Believe me, there are a thousand different versions of yellow.


Can I add to my order?

Absolutely! Please, buy all your paper heart desires! If you have an item yet to be shipped, contact me and I will do my best to accommodate with shipping expenses depending on the size of the order.


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