Hello! I'm Lindsay Cox.


I design and photograph because I can't do life any other way.

Like any artist, I create and share what I believe is worthwhile.

For me, this involves much hand-lettering and natural light. 

Take a look at my blog for a closer view of my work. 


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More about Letters + LighT


We believe in the timeless, thoughtful curation of two dimensional fine art.


'Letters' represents the graphic design side, heavy in hand-lettering, letterpress, and thoughtful fine art composition. I see each work on paper as something to be treasured- I often use inks and brushes, paints and pens, to execute what I believe is an ephemeral, beautiful piece of art. You'll see a good variety of what I have designed and lettered: invitation suites, brand identity and collateral, posters, postcards, and I am grateful to say the list continues. I enjoy the involved process of creating something with high value- well thought out and well executed.

'Light' represents the photography side- where my love for this medium grows with every project. I favor natural light and reach for those in-the-moment shots. The honesty that photography can capture is one facet that draws me in for more. Ever since I held my first DSLR camera (or really, my very first Cool Pix camera), I have reached for that priceless photo, framed just right. While pursuing my BFA in Graphic Design at Georgia Southern University, I refined my skill with photography studio courses. As long as there is beauty in the world, I will always be photographing and exploring.

I have found that working with both photography and design simultaneously has sharpened my eye and technique for both, and has allowed me to learn and hone in on aesthetics I love. Joining the two was not something I initially planned. I first thought it would be sort of a struggle to manage. But thankfully, I didn’t seem to have a choice! I moved to Athens, Georgia and had consistent business with the two. Having balanced these main focuses together seriously for a considerable amount of time has taught me valuable lessons of design + photography. I have also spent thorough seasons learning painting, color theory, branding, ceramics, and drawing and illustration- all of which have amplified my creative career and have made me fall in love over and over again with these processes and fine art.

Why else? Why else. Because I love being immersed in artistic culture. Because I can’t get enough, and I realized the effort to be an entrepreneur is well worth dedicating yourself to when you love it and believe in it, no matter how vulnerable you feel or how much you have to learn.