How far in advance do I book my wedding/session?

As soon as you can! We cannot guarantee your date is secured until we receive a deposit and a signed contract.


Do you travel for weddings, sessions or parties?

Yes! We love to travel! Email us to ask about our travel prerequisites and fees.


What does wedding photography prep look like with you?

We are big fans of being prepared, and we are all about communication throughout the planning as things come and shift. We provide a small (and very helpful for everyone!) form that would need to be filled out, and we also work together to develop a timeline that its fitting for your wedding specifically. We expect you to have preferences as well as questions- we are here to work with that and make any necessary suggestions.

We would love to meet you if are in town and that is possible!

Honestly, Lindsay loves hearing all about the wedding details- she's the one to tell when you've talked your fiancé's ear off!


What the heck do I wear for an engagement session?

This is only part of the fun- wardrobe. I always say (even to myself when I am ever in front of the lens) to wear something you are comfortable in, but it's also a time to wear something a little more upbeat than normal! Wear something you feel just awesome in!! 

If you are booking the flat rate session, you have the option of a couple outfit changes. Some people like to do one dressy and then one casual. I would stick with two (you can bring options), and maybe some accessories we can use in and out in some frames. This would be like a scarf, floppy hat, jewelry, even a favorite blanket, etc.! Meaningful items can also be fun to include tastefully.

With that said, there are some 'guidelines' are are so helpful for a starting point. I have a two Pinterest boards (see them here and here) for inspiration. You'll see that some are more fashion or bridal forward, but look at the colors- mostly solids- and flowy dresses/skirts are not only comfortable but always look so pretty in photos and are flattering. I would stay away from patterns- they can become too much of a focus/distracting, unless you have a special idea! If you're envisioning photographing in a green space, limit the amount of colors you wear and to stick to very natural colors.

Hair and makeup: you can see some hairstyles in those pins, too. I personally gravitate toward loose curls and then maybe pull some hair back as the day goes. For makeup- in every instance I have seen, the more the merrier! If you're feeling it, this is the time for red lips and smokey eyes! Definitely not a must, only if that is fun for you.

Feel free to ask me any questions or bounce ideas off here! This is your engagement shoot so you can wear whatever you would like! I am only here to help.


Can you.. design our invitations and photograph our wedding?

We would be honored! We have a handful of weddings we provide both services for- and love it! Design and photography are two very different processes, as the design happens towards the beginning, and the photograph at the end (and after).